The Marketing Meatball Mafia Podcast
The Marketing Meatball Mafia Podcast
The Marketing Meatball Mafia Podcast
The Marketing Meatball Mafia Podcast

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In this episode of The Marketing Meatball Mafia, Alison and Christina talk with direct mail expert and Ex-NFL player Aaron Boone from MVP Mailhouse. Aaron shares his wealth of knowledge about direct mail, using analytics to help target the correct audience, and why you have probably been getting direct mail… Read More…

Guests: Aaron Boone

On this episode of the Marketing Meatball Mafia, Alison and Christina continue their talks on dental practice financing. Joined by Kate Willeford, Dental CPA, the meatballs take a deeper dive into why it’s important for dentists to know their numbers in order to make their businesses work for them.

Guests: Kate Willeford

On this episode of the Marketing Meatball Mafia, Alison and Christina venture into the world of dental embezzlement with CPA, author, and CEO of the world’s largest firm investigating financial crimes committed against dentists, David Harris from Prosperident.

SE02 | EP02

The phone may seem like a basic piece of technology that we’ve all been using for years. But when it comes to a dental office’s marketing success, the phone can either make or break you. Luckily, the smart people over at Weave have enhanced the simple phone to provide dental… Read More…

Guests: Danny Laneri

In this episode, Ali and Christina are joined by Janaya Buck from Golden Proportions Marketing. Janaya is a social media guru and she helps our hosts debunk some myths about social media, gives some expert tips about how to stay engaged with your audience, and has a free resource for… Read More…

Guests: Janaya Buck

In this episode, Ali and Christina are joined by Andrea Greer from On Point Space and On Point Consulting. The Meatballs take a deep dive into the world of dental office organization and decor, and the importance of the image you are projecting to your patients when they enter your… Read More…

Guests: Andrea Greer

If there is one thing we know as busy working professionals it’s that we often don’t have extra time to do a lot of extra things during our day — including scheduling dentist or doctor appointments. But what if we could do something to make scheduling an appointment easier and… Read More…

Guests: Joe Chickerillo

An often overlooked part of a successful marketing campaign is what happens once a potential patient picks up the phone and calls your office. The truth is, how your team performs on the phone is a crucial aspect to not only your marketing but also growing your practice. Something that… Read More…

Guests: Genevieve Poppe

Join the Meatballs as they flip the script on seasoned podcaster and entrepreneur, John Stamper of DentalCast Productions. Usually, John’s the guy asking the questions, but today, the Meatballs switch it up and get to know all about how John and his companies are disrupting the dental marketing video world,… Read More…

Guests: John Stamper
SE01 | EP04

Getting your patients to leave you a review online can be confusing and frustrating. How exactly do you do it? Which platforms are the most important ones to focus on? What do you do if you get a bad review? Join the Meatballs as they discuss everything related to your… Read More…

Guests: Zeke Kuch
SE01 | EP03

Having a rocking marketing campaign is the first step when you want to drive new patient opportunities to your practice. But what happens once those leads start rolling in? Do you have a system in place to convert those calls into appointments? Does your team have the skills to answer… Read More…

Guests: Cory Pinegar
SE01 | EP02

Dentistry can be such a rewarding profession. But there are times when it can also feel lonely, when we can feel uncomfortable in our own skin, when we compare ourselves to others, or when we feel unworthy or simply bad at what we do. The Meatballs feel that this is… Read More…

Guests: Dr. Alan Stern
SE01 | EP01

The Marketing Meatball Mafia was created to give dentists and dental professionals a place to share resources, ideas, frustrations, and solutions to common problems in this crazy world of dentistry. To kick off the podcast, Alison and Christina introduce themselves as well as share some common dental marketing misconception that… Read More…

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